2009 Anthologies and Story Collections Read/Owned to Date

September 20, 2009 § 15 Comments

Since in three months or so I’ll be posting my Best of 2009 list, I thought I’d take stock of the short fiction published in some new form or fashion in 2009 that I’ve read. This is not in chronological order or in level of preference:

Short Story Collections:

1. Peter S. Beagle, We Never Talk About My Brother

2. Caitlín R. Kiernan, A is for Alien

3. Otsuichi, ZOO

4. Terrence Holt, In the Valley of the Kings

5. Tobias Buckell, Tides from the New World

6. Brian Evenson, Fugue State

Anthologies (single-author and multiple authors):

7. John Davey, Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, The Best of Michael Moorcock

8. Nick Gevers and Jay Lake, Other Earths

9. Gianpaolo Celli, Steampunk: Histórias de um Passado Extraordinário

10. Dean Francis Alfar and Nikki Alfar, Philippine Speculative Fiction IV

11. Bradford Morrow, Conjunctions: 52: Betwixt the Between

12. Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, Best American Fantasy 2

13. Lavie Tidhar, The Apex Book of World SF

In Progress:

14. George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, Songs of the Dying Earth

15. Vincent Michael Simbulan, A Time for Dragons: An Anthology of Philippine Draconic Fiction

16. John Scalzi, Metatropolis

On Order:

16. Jonathan Strahan, Eclipse 3

17. Peter Straub, American Fantastic Tales (two vols.)

Not too bad, I suppose, but I’m not satisfied with this. What anthologies/collections released in 2009 in the US (or first elsewhere in the world) am I missing that I ought to acquire so I can consider for inclusion in my wrapup on 2009 short fiction books?

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§ 15 Responses to 2009 Anthologies and Story Collections Read/Owned to Date

  • Anonymous says:

    How about pre-ordering the Datlow-edited anthology "Lovecraft Unbound," featuring stories by Laird Barron, Caitlin R. Kiernan, and a host of fabulous others?

    Kelly S.

  • Daniel Ausema says:

    Nemonymous 9, perhaps? I think Des Lewis's tastes might overlap nicely with yours. (Admittedly this is somewhat in self-interest, as I have a story in it…but take a look at the Wikipedia page, and you'll get a sense of what writers he's published in earlier editions, including Jeff VanderMeer, Ekaterina Sedia, Rhys Hughes…)

    And as long as I'm already commenting in self-interest…you could check out the flash fiction and poetry in Karen Romanko's Cinema Spec.

  • Joe Sherry says:

    Scenting the Dark, by Mary Robinette Kowal
    The Son of Retro Pulp Tales, by Joe R. Lansdale (editor)
    The Apex Book of World SF, by Lavie Tidhar (editor)
    Descended from Darkness: Apex Magazine Volume 1, by Jason Sizemore (editor)
    The New Space Opera 2, by Dozois and Strahan (editors)
    Viator Plus, by Lucius Shepard
    Interfictions 2, by Delia Sherman and Christopher Barzak (editors)

    That'll do for a start, no?

  • Liviu says:

    Clockwork Phoenix 2 – with the great assistance of anthology editor Mike Allen and the permission of the author, I posted a story from it "Hooves and the Hovel of Abdel Jameel" by Saladin Ahmed on FBC some ten days ago or so

    Nocturnes by K. Ishiguro – just read it tonight, 5 linked stories about music, relationships and celebrity culture today, and while it starts slowly with a good but not great story, it picks up steam and the last two stories are as good as anything I've read this year

  • Larry says:

    For some reason, I forgot to list the Apex and Clockwork Phoenix anthologies, despite having both (and having read the Apex one). I guess I didn't bother to read my own handwriting, huh? 😛

    I'll look into the others – thanks everyone so far (and also for any other future suggestions!)

  • Larry says:

    Hrmm…amusing that the four I chose to order first (Datlow, Kowal, Interfictions, Ishiguro) are all pre-orders from Amazon.

    I'll come back and explore the others in a month or so.

  • Charles says:

    Here's an incomplete list of anthologies coming out this year:


    What you should acquire, however is a different list…

  • Larry says:

    Thanks for the list, Charles. Certainly will be looking over that in the next few days!

  • Charles says:

    On a side note, here are the anthos I've read that were published this year:

    Poe edited by Ellen Datlow

    Science Fiction: The Best of the Year 2008 Edition edited by Rich Horton

    Nebula Awards Showcase 2009 edited by Ellen Datlow

    Firebirds Soaring edited by Sharyn November

    Troll's Eye View: A Book of Villainous Tales by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

    Best American Fantasy 2 edited by Jeff & Ann VanderMeer

    We Think, Therefore We Are edited by Peter Crowther

    Federations edited by John Joseph Adams

    Clockwork Phoenix 2 edited by Mike Allen

    The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction 3 edited by George Mann

    Cern Zoo edited by D.F. Lewis

    Postscripts #18

    The New Space Opera 2 edited by Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan

    Year's Best SF 14 edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer

  • Larry says:

    I really need to get around to buying that Poe anthology. Don't know why I haven't done so yet, since Datlow almost always has great anthologies.

  • Terry Weyna says:

    You definitely need the Poe anthology. It's wonderful. If you want a review first, try mine at SF Signal.

  • Larry says:

    Don't know if I'd relate well to the presumed target audience for that antho, Charles, but I might consider it just to see how much of an "outsider" I would feel reading such. In fact, that might be part of the appeal for straight readers, that sense of "otherness" in that they themselves (and I) would be be viewing gay culture from the outside and trying to understand it better.

  • Matt Denault says:

    If you're going to list a book like The Best of Michael Moorcock, then it'd be worth mentioning The Best of Gene Wolfe and the NESFA Zelazny story compilations as well.

    Polyphony 7 may be released before the end of the year.

    Does Zivkovic's Impossible Stories 2 count as a collection of short fiction?

  • uglybadbear says:

    The Zelazny "Collected Stories" from NESFA Press. Just got volumes 1 & 2 today and it's a beautifully crafted edition, with a lot of "extras".
    Also, Jonathan Strahan' BEST SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY OF THE YEAR Volume 3 from Night Shade.

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