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March 31, 2012 § 11 Comments

The successor site to the defunct WoT fansite, wotmania, Read and Find Out, recently announced plans to change its name to “Read It And Found Out” once the fourteenth and final volume of the WoT series is released in January 2013.  According to webmaster Nebhead:

“For the past three years, we have kept alive wotmania’s tradition of honoring Robert Jordan and his acclaimed Wheel of Time series, even going so far as to adopt as our website name his favorite RAFO quip to fans eager to know what ultimately happens to Bela.  But after January 2013, we all will have read it [A Memory of Light] and have found out not  just what happened to Bela, but also the fate of that chicken farmer who was introduced in the sixth volume, Lord of Chaos, but who quickly disappeared from the story.  It will be exciting times for our readers, who now will have the ultimate ammunition against those wrong-headed people who argued that LTT was three levels of power stronger than Demandred, rather than the 1.5 levels hinted at in the 2010 Q&A with Brandon Sanderson, where he slipped up and had to quickly cover his tracks with a hrmm…and a cryptic reference to Maria’s notes…”

Controversial SF writer John C. Wright recently announced on his LiveJournal that he plans on attending the annual WisCon convention during the Memorial Day weekend in late May.  In typical Wright fashion, he devoted over 5,000 words to outlining the topic of his speech, tentatively titled “Radical Feminism in The Hunger Games,” replete with citations from Mr. Rogers, James Joyce, Joyce Meyer, Rush Limbaugh, and Vladimir Putin, most of which were tangents from tangents that ultimately circled back around to Wright’s puzzlement over why women do not necessarily want to be domestic goddesses.

Inspired by the years-running bets between Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist and George R.R. Martin on the Super Bowl and whether or not the loser had to include the winner’s name in an upcoming novel or review three novels chosen by the winner, Rob Bedford of SFF World and Rob’s Blog O’ Stuff and Caine’s Law writer Matt Stover have a similar bet, except they are betting on the winner of the The Rock/John Cena main event at tonight’s Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, FL.  Rob, when questioned who he picked, took his right hand and waved it in front of his face a few times before resuming his breakfast of champions, Fruity Pebbles.

Encouraged by the positive response he and other bloggers participating in the ongoing Scott Lynch re-reading/commentary threads on their blogs, blogger Bryce Dayton announced on Twitter earlier this weekend that he would be changing his blog’s name from My Awful Reviews to My Somewhat Decent Reviews.  He also said that after the Lynch project was complete, that he would be busy with the sequel, organizing a group review effort of Marcel Proust.

The fallout from the Christopher Priest criticism of the Clarke Awards is still ongoing.  Last report had him and some of the Clarke Award judges arranging a series of ad hoc panel discussions for next week’s EasterCon convention in the UK.  There would be a symposium on the pros and cons of internet puppies, a debate entitled “Is Sherri Tepper’s In Rising Waters Truly a SF Novel?:  Yay or Neigh?,” and a physics demonstration to see if the science behind Greg Bear’s Hull Zero Three can be applied to internet rhetoric.

Highly respected athletes and knowledgeable climate control experts Jose Canseco and The Iron Sheik announced that they would be doing a tribute to the “late, great” Al Gore next week.  Canseco promised a follow-up to his critically acclaimed Twitter instructional series on climate change, while The Iron Sheik outlined a plan on how to make both Canseco and Gore humble “the old country way.”

Stephanie Meyer announced last week on her site that she was going to write a sequel to her Twilight series where Edward and Bella’s children would be fourth graders at a Washington state public school.  There may actually be two sequel books, as leaked titles include “Tales of a Fourth-Grade Vampire Nothing” and “SuperVamp.”  No word yet if Edward is still in high school.

Even though “The New iPad” is already a huge seller for Apple, this has not stopped the company from developing the fourth generation of iPad tablets.  During the recent investigation of the Foxconn plants in China, an investigator turned up a mysterious set of images that seem to be linked to this rumored iPad “4.”  The image may not be very clear, but it does seem to hint at a new marketing direction for Apple:


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