I passed the first two certification exams!

April 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

I just saw my Praxis II test scores for English and English as a Second Language go live on the ETS site.  Here are the results:

English Language Literature Comp/Content Knowledge – 199/200 (minimum passing score was 157.  There was an (E) beside the score, meaning that I earned an ETS Recognition of Excellence.

English To Speakers of Other Languages – 161/200 (minimum passing score was 143).  I had never taken any linguistics or ESL classes (and only a handful of English classes), so considering that the 25-75 percentile range for the ESL was 149-169, I am moderately pleased with this (the English 25-75 percentile range was 166-188).

I still have another English certification test to take on the 28th in the assessment of essays/grading, but I should pass that.  Then in the next month or two (I’ll find out more later this week), I’ll be fully certified in both fields, to go along with my US/World History and Government/Civics certifications.  And before anyone inquires about how someone who didn’t major/minor in a field can be certified to teach, several states allow previously-certified teachers to take tests in other fields and if they pass, they don’t have to take the requisite coursework or do additional internships/student teaching to become certified in those extra fields.

Now to hope this lands me a job in the next couple of months.


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