Best of 2012: Squirrel Commercials

December 30, 2012 § 8 Comments

The past two years have seen a resurgence in squirrel-related commercials, as advertisers have realized the potent marketing potential of our sovereign rodents.  Below is the retroactive Best of 2011 squirrel commercial and the one that perhaps might be 2012’s best.  Enjoy!

2011’s best squirrel-related commercial:

And now the Best of 2012 in Squirrel commercials:

Feel free to submit your own 2012-released squirrel-related commercials as alternates.


§ 8 Responses to Best of 2012: Squirrel Commercials

  • Gabriele C. says:

    Larry, the post below this one pushed the sidebar to the bottom, and the comment feature isn't there. Some squirrel must have screwed with the code. 😉

  • Larry Nolen says:

    That's strange, as I don't see any of that on my Macbook right now. Comment feature works, although there was a few minutes' right after posting it where I disabled comments because I didn't care about having responses just yet. But it works now and the screen looks normal to me.

  • Gabriele C. says:

    Odd, because it still looks off to me, and the comment feature line is simply not there. I use IE8 (can't install 9 under XP on this old computer) but your blog has never looked funny before. It happens to me when I forget to close a tag (usually the /span one) but I don't know if you code your posts individually.

  • Larry Nolen says:

    Very strange,as I just checked it on IE on my parents' laptop (I only use OS X/iOS and all those display fine in all the browsers I have) and I see what you mean. No, it wasn't any special code (I used Blogger's quote tags and used Georgia font for the quoted part), so it must just be some screw-up with IE.Maybe such Firefox, Chrome, or Safari and see if it works there as those do for me on my Mac?

  • Larry Nolen says:

    It also seems to be a problem in Opera (checked it on my iPad), so I don't know what Blogger has done. I'll edit shortly and see if there's any odd HTML (not that I know much about it).

  • Larry Nolen says:

    There was some odd HTML in the section I copied. I deleted it and it works on Opera, so perhaps it'll work for IE now?

  • WoW, interesting, you did a good job. Please keep going.

  • Gabriele C. says:

    It works in IE now as well.

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