Toying with the idea of interro-viewing online reviewers/bloggers

August 3, 2013 § 13 Comments

Ever and anon I will stumble across a reviewer/blogger interviewing another (in the distant past, I myself was interviewed on a couple of occasions) and I have found myself thinking, “well, this is interesting to an extent, but why aren’t there any tough questions being asked that would make the interviewee squirm a bit?”  There is nothing wrong of course with a friendly get-to-know Q&A session, but sometimes it could be a bit too chummy I suppose and leave some readers feeling as though nothing really substantial was said.

So here’s what I am considering doing:  if there are reviewers/bloggers (I leave aside authors for several reasons, so please, no solicitations from those who want me to read their works) who would be game for this, I’ll conduct a multiple-round email interview in which I would begin by reading their blogs and then probing their thoughts on a variety of issues.  I won’t be a Morton Downey, Jr.-type of interviewer but I also won’t be an Oprah either.  Judiciously-placed challenging questions can reveal more about the interviewee/reviewer’s qualities than simple “tell us about why you chose to start a blog” questions can by themselves.

If any are interested, leave a response with blog link and email address in the comments or contact me on Twitter (info on the right side of screen) and I’ll try to conduct a few in the coming days and weeks (I work two jobs, so it might be late night CDT or weekends for most of my correspondence).  Oh, and there’ll be a few less serious questions mixed in lest any worry about my ferocity.  The squirrels on the other hand…


§ 13 Responses to Toying with the idea of interro-viewing online reviewers/bloggers

  • Jonathan M says:

    Yeah, go on then 🙂

  • bibliotropic says:

    This has me both intrigued and worried. Count me in, if you want; I'm game!

  • Neth says:

    I may have some interest, but in all honesty, it depends on what aspects you would want explore. if it's something I'm not really interested in commenting on I'm probably not all that interested. Then again, with as busy as I am these days there's a good chance that I won't have time regardless.

  • Larry Nolen says:

    Ria,Sure, I'll send you questions Tuesday night once I have your email address. DM me on Twitter if you don't mind.Ken,My questions start general, but the follow-ups are personalized ones that probe. Probably 2-3 rounds of questions, maybe 8-12 total questions/follow-ups. They aren't meant to make me look good but instead to challenge the interviewees to think about their positions on a few issues. There will be some silliness as well. Maybe let me know after you see the first few? I think these will be of some interest to readers, or at least I hope so (I hate fluff pieces).

  • Aisha says:

    I'm going to regret this, aren't I …

  • Shaun Duke says:

    I probably don't review as much as the others (at least, not right now due to all this PhD work…candidacy exams *grr*), but I'm up for something like this. Please, interrogate me!

  • Larry says:

    Ha! OK, I'll contact you sometime this weekend. I should have time Saturday at least to catch up with the backlog of scheduled interviews. And yes, your academic background will be brought up for eviscer…err, discussion 😉

  • Jesse says:

    I do not fear the squirrel. Actually, I do a little, but I still like the idea of being forced to defend a position in black and white, that is, rather than just thoughts rambling in my head. If my infinitesimally small corner of the blogging world is not too small, please sign me up.

  • Larry says:

    OK, I'll have something for you soon then!

  • Mihai A. says:

    I am not sure if I should stick my hand in the mad squirrel's den, but what the… 😉

  • Larry Nolen says:

    Don't worry, the squirrels might respect the wolf…for a little bit 😉

  • Joe Sherry says:

    I'd be interested if you feel like it.

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