Toying with the idea of interro-viewing online reviewers/bloggers

August 3, 2013 § 13 Comments

Ever and anon I will stumble across a reviewer/blogger interviewing another (in the distant past, I myself was interviewed on a couple of occasions) and I have found myself thinking, “well, this is interesting to an extent, but why aren’t there any tough questions being asked that would make the interviewee squirm a bit?”  There is nothing wrong of course with a friendly get-to-know Q&A session, but sometimes it could be a bit too chummy I suppose and leave some readers feeling as though nothing really substantial was said.

So here’s what I am considering doing:  if there are reviewers/bloggers (I leave aside authors for several reasons, so please, no solicitations from those who want me to read their works) who would be game for this, I’ll conduct a multiple-round email interview in which I would begin by reading their blogs and then probing their thoughts on a variety of issues.  I won’t be a Morton Downey, Jr.-type of interviewer but I also won’t be an Oprah either.  Judiciously-placed challenging questions can reveal more about the interviewee/reviewer’s qualities than simple “tell us about why you chose to start a blog” questions can by themselves.

If any are interested, leave a response with blog link and email address in the comments or contact me on Twitter (info on the right side of screen) and I’ll try to conduct a few in the coming days and weeks (I work two jobs, so it might be late night CDT or weekends for most of my correspondence).  Oh, and there’ll be a few less serious questions mixed in lest any worry about my ferocity.  The squirrels on the other hand…

§ 13 Responses to Toying with the idea of interro-viewing online reviewers/bloggers

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