List of Premio Alfaguara winners

September 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Unlike most other lists of literary prize winners, there will be little need for me to acquire the books, as with the exception of the winners during the first iteration (1965-1972), I have already bought and read each winner since the Premio Alfaguara was revived in 1998.  I consider the Premio Alfaguara to be one the best Spanish-language literary awards, not just for the high quality of the winners, but also because the revolving jury of prominent writers (Carlos Fuentes was once a jurist) and critics read over 600 submissions yearly that are submitted under pseudonyms (the winner gets $175,000 and the book published; it is a manuscript prize, basically).  I do plan on re-reading and writing at least short reviews in coming months/years of the winners of the revived prize (and perhaps I’ll track down copies of the 1965-1972 winners as well), so in the interests of having a centralized article in which I can link reviews (three were written some years ago), here is the list (many have since been translated into English and other languages, so feel free to search out these titles, each of which I would recommend):

1965 Jesús Torbado, Las corrupciones

1966 Manuel Vicent, Pascua y naranjas

1967 Héctor Vazquez-Azpiri, Fauna

1968 Daniel Sueiro, Corte de corteza

1969 No Award

1970 Carlos Droguett, Todas esas muertes

1971 Luis Berenguer, Leña verde

1972 Alfonso Grosso, Florido mayo

1973-1997  No Award

1999 Manuel Vicent, Son de mar

2000 Clara Sánchez, Últimas noticias del paraíso

2001 Elena Poniatowska, La piel del cielo

2002 Tomás Eloy Martínez , El vuelo de la reina

2003 Xavier Velasco, Diablo guardián

2004 Laura Restrepo, D elirio

2005 Graciela Montes & Ema Wolf, El turno del escriba

2006 Santiago Roncagliolo, Abril Rojo

2007 Luis Leante, Mira si yo te querré

2009 Andrés Neuman, El viajero del siglo

2010 Hernán Rivera Letelier, El arte de la resurrección

2011 Juan Gabriel Vásquez, El ruido de la cosas al caer

2012 Leopoldo Brizuela, Una misma noche

2013 José Ovejero, La invención del amor

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