So I was challenged recently to read "a more recent SF/F book"

September 4, 2013 § 11 Comments

Last week I posted an interview I conducted with Mihir Wanchoo of Fantasy Book Critic.  In it, he (very politely) challenged me to read/review “a more recent SFF book,” a challenge I agreed to undertake.  I decided that I would read and then review the next fantasy book sent my way, no matter who it was or what volume in a series it might be.

Well, I received such a book yesterday in the mail.

It was the latest Terry Goodkind book, The Third Kingdom.

I guess, despite my antipathy for his socio-political views and having read only one book of his in the past decade, I will drain this cup set before me to its bitterest dregs.  May the squirrels have mercy on me, because I think I’m going to have one of them not only read this book but also review it.  Hopefully, I will not be punished too severely for this.  Wish me (and the unlucky squirrel) luck.


§ 11 Responses to So I was challenged recently to read "a more recent SF/F book"

  • Trishb says:

    Goodkind? Why!? Yes, I am nothing but a lowly lurker, but hey the last Helprin is still there and unreviewed. What about Crowley, I've bounced off 2 different books, but there must be something there. I once needed to read Eco's Island of the Day Before 3 times before it took. Goodkind!!?

  • Trishb says:

    And yes, I do like the interrobang. So you ask?

  • Larry Nolen says:

    Ha! It was just an amusing coincidence in what I had received in the mail. Been a long time since I reviewed a poor book, so I thought perhaps I would write something "different" to change the pace around here.As for the Helprin, I did let that review slip on past me last fall, didn't I? I did like that one, so perhaps I'll try to write something on it soonish, but most days/nights these days, I'm working 14+ hours, so it'll be a challenge to slot it in in less than a week. We'll see.

  • srs says:

    So you are like the SF/F critic version of Jephthah…And Jephthah made a vow to the Lord: “If you give the Ammonites into my hands, 31 whatever comes out of the door of my house to meet me when I return in triumph from the Ammonites will be the Lord’s, and I will sacrifice it as a burnt offering.”Ok, maybe that's stretching things a bit far…

  • Larry Nolen says:

    Indeed, it may be a bit much, but it did make me chuckle a bit. A burnt offering! The Goodkind, not the squirrel who'll be reading it 😉

  • Bill says:

    Brian Evenson's Immobility showed up in some SF sections. Does that count? Haha.

  • Anonymous says:

    Chris said…..Goodkind!!?! An Adam Roberts like kicking is to be eagerly anticipated then.

  • The Reader says:

    I'm wondering if serendipity is the word I should use for this event 😉 Mihir

  • Larry Nolen says:

    I think the poor squirrel is convulsing now. It's wanting to rend apart all that approaches it. Seems to being choosing death over life 😦

  • Bryce L. says:

    Bad for you, but I'm exceedingly good for us! Haha.

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