What I have read so far by language

November 19, 2013 § 4 Comments

As of this moment (which will change shortly, as I have books in Spanish, Italian, and German that I’m in various stages of reading and which may be finished tonight or tomorrow), I have read (either unassisted or through the use of a parallel text for those languages that I know at least some words yet wouldn’t consider myself to be reading fluent in) the following amounts in each language:

English – 194 books
Spanish – 48 books
Italian – 19 books
French – 17 books
Serbian – 11 books
Portuguese – 9 books
German – 9 books
Catalan – 2 books
Latin – 2 books
Polish – 2 books (with parallel texts read)
Romanian – 2 books
Galician – 1 book
Venetian – 1 book
Irish – 1 book (parallel text read)
Hungarian – 1 book (parallel text read)
Persian – 1 book (parallel text read)
Russian – 1 book (parallel text read)
Basque – 1 book (parallel text read)
Quechua – 1 book (parallel text read)
Lithuanian – 1 book (parallel text read)
Czech – 1 book (parallel text read)
Zulu – 1 book (parallel text read)

22 languages, 326 total books, 132 of which are not in English.  Should be noted that the total number of languages drops to 13 if I were to exclude translations of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince.  But I don’t exclude those.  Hope to get the non-English books/translations read to 150 by year’s end.  Further goals are to read at least 52 books in Spanish/Spanish translation, 25 in Italian/Italian translation, 25 in French/French translation, 12 in German/German translation, 12 in Serbian/Serbian translation, and 12 in Portuguese/Portuguese translation.  Each of these are very feasible goals as I have set aside books in each of those languages to read over the next six weeks or so.

And yes, if I reach these ambitious goals, my team of Serbian reading squirrels will receive a bonus.


§ 4 Responses to What I have read so far by language

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