What the Birthday Squirrel Bought for Me in 2014

July 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

Well, another birthday has passed and for those bibliophiles who are curious about what book-related materials I received for my birthday, here are the details:

I received nearly $200 in money (which I deposited) and a $50 iTunes card.  With these I purchased the following:


Paula Bomer, Inside Madelaine (short story collection)

Katherine Addison, The Goblin Emperor

Lydia Davis, Can’t and Won’t (short story collection)

Richard Thomas (ed.), The New Black (anthology)

Can Xue, The Last Lover

Catherine Lacey, Nobody is Ever Missing

Lucius Shepard, Beautiful Blood

Books: (will arrive over the next 1-3 weeks)

William T. Vollmann, Last Stories and Other Stories (short story collection)

Scott Cheshire, High as the Horses’ Bridles 

Shane Jones, Crystal Eaters

Simon Ings, Wolves

Nadifa Mohamed, The Orchard of Lost Souls

Cara Hoffman, Be Safe I Love You

Adam Sternbergh, Shovel Ready

And while not bought with Birthday Squirrel money/gift cards, I also received a review copy of Lev Grossman’s trilogy-concluding The Magician’s Land.  Me being me, I read the final chapters first and it ties everything together in interesting ways.  Will post a review around the August 5th release, but it’s likely to get a good review from me if the beginning and middle are anywhere near what the conclusion was.


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