A few revived projects to supplement current reviewing goals

August 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

This weekend is going to be a very busy one, as I plan on writing six reviews between now and Sunday night (likely three each for Saturday and Sunday), as I have a reason for wanting to have written 100 reviews in 2014 by the 25th.  Most, if not all, of these reviews will be for 2014 releases, as I want to have reviewed as many 2014 releases read as possible by late December and I still have another 50 unread books on my January list of 2014 releases (most of them not-yet-published here in the US).

I’m also considering reviving the aborted Faulkner and possibly Flannery O’Connor review projects from 2012/2013.  I’ve noticed that those reviews, when I cross-post them over at Gogol’s Overcoat, get the most consistent views of any reviews that I’ve written in the past three years.  There’s just something about having reviews of several volumes that appeals to me, even though I won’t commit to a weekly review schedule like I attempted the past two years.

Also am likely to start writing reviews of individual sections of the Tim Cross anthology, The Lost Voices of World War I, for initial publication at my newest blog, World War I Literature, Art, and Cinema.  It’s about time that I added more content over there, as I’ve been putting it on the backburner in order to catch up with my 2014 releases reviews.

Oh, and there might be a poetry discussion or two somewhere in the near future as well…


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