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June 16, 2014 § 2 Comments

Decided to do my yearly count of print and e-book editions that I have in languages over than English.  Not counting my collection of Bibles (I’ll add those separately at the bottom of the post), there were 23 languages and over 1000 books/ebooks in languages other than English.  Here are the breakdowns by language and by print/e-book editions:

Spanish – 573 print books/63 e-books/636 total

French – 273 print books/53 e-books/326 total

German – 126 print books/5 e-books/131 total

Italian – 63 print books/57 e-books/120 total

Portuguese – 58 print books/45 e-books/103 total

Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian – 45 print books/4 e-books/49 total

Latin – 20 print books/5 e-books/25 total

Greek – 9 print books/5 e-books/14 total

Russian – 9 print books/1 e-book/10 total

Romanian – 4 print books/6 e-books/10 total

Catalan – 2 print books/3 e-books/5 total

Persian – 4 print books/0 e-books/4 total

Polish – 3 print books/1 e-book/4 total

Arabic – 3 print books/0 e-books/3 total

Irish –  2 print books/0 e-books/2 total

Zulu – 1 print book/0 e-books/1 total

Slovenian – 1 print book/0 e-books/1 total

Hindi – 1 print book/0 e-books/1 total

Urdu – 1 print book/0 e-books/1 total

Hungarian – 1 print book/0 e-books/1 total

Swedish – 0 print books/1 e-book/1 total

Dutch – 0 print books/1 e-book/1 total

Galician – 0 print books/1 e-book/1 total

1450 total non-English books, with 1199 print volumes and 251 e-book editions.  Now for the Bible editions, leaving out the English versions:

Greek – 3 print/0 e-book/3 total

Latin – 2 print/1 e-book/3 total

Spanish – 2 print/0 e-book/2 total

Hebrew – 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Haitian – 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Serbian – 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Russian – 2 print/0 e-book/2 total

Portuguese – 1 print/1 e-book/2 total

Romanian – 1 print/1 e-book/2 total

German – 1 print/1 e-book/2 total

French – 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Czech – 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Turkish – 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Indonesian – 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Persian – 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Gullah – 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Dutch – 1 print/0 e-book/1 total

Coptic – 0 print/1 e-book/1 total

Italian – 0 print/1 e-book/1 total

19 different languages for either the New Testament, Old Testament, or both.  28 total books, with 22 print editions and 6 e-book editions.

I have too many of my English-language books boxed up for me to even think about counting them, but if I had to guesstimate, I would there are around 1200-1500 print volumes in English to go with the 521 English-language e-books that I do currently have on my various iOS devices.  Somewhere near 40% of my total libraries being non-English works pleases me, even though it’ll be quite some time before I tackle the majority of these books.  But one day…yes, one day, I shall, or so I shall dream of hoping to do so.


February 18, 2011 § Leave a comment


Collecting is such a universal human trait.  Whether it is cars, guns, books, or scars, so many of us enjoy organizing and collating things that should be brought together, at least in our minds.  When I was in my early teens, baseball card (and later, sports cards) collecting was the big time, just as it was morphing in the mid-1980s from a youthful activity to a lucrative business opportunity for traders.  I gave that up, however, before I graduated from high school.  Lately, I’ve begun collecting leatherbound books, in particular the Easton Press 100 Greatest Books Ever Written and assorted Franklin Library books from their lists that aren’t reproduced on the Easton Press list.

There is a sense of enjoyment in tracking down good quality used books for a relatively affordable price.  In the picture above, roughly 75% of the leatherbound books I own are pictured.  I imagine that there are other collectors reading this article.  Perhaps you have stories and/or pictures of your collections, whether they be of books or of something else?  I’d love to see them, in case my curiosity might be sparked once again.

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